WELCOME.  Large numbers of helicopters are flying to and from the Airport in Torrance, California, causing lots of noise in otherwise quiet neighborhoods in Torrance and surrounding communities.  It's estimated there are as many as 8,000 flyovers a year, in the Hollywood Riviera neighborhood alone, 2 miles west of the Airport.

This site is dedicated to informing the public about helicopter noise issues,  and organizing public support for reducing noise impacts on residents. 

In 2009 we submitted a petition to the Torrance City Council asking for their help reducing helicopter noise (See Petition Tab).  This website chronicles our efforts that are still ongoing today. Revised Arrival/Departure routes for Torrance Airport are have been reviewed by the FAA.  They have indicated they are willing to conduct a temporary trial of routes. However, the altitudes they are willing to test are lower than most helicopters currently fly, so we don't think they would result in any noise reduction.  In the meantime we are pursuing other efforts to address the problem.  Congress has passed legislation directing the FAA to work with communities and helicopter operators in the Los Angeles area to reduce noise.  We have joined with representatives of other communities and formed the Los Angeles Area Helicopter Noise Coalition (LAAHNC), and we represent the community perspective in meetings with the FAA and helicopter operators. In addition we have been working on ways to improve the Torrance Airport noise abatement function for all aircraft (helicopters and planes). 

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We are affiliated with the  LA Area Helicopter Noise Coalition: LAHelicopterNoise.org