H. R. 3547

Sec. 119D. The Secretary shall (1) evaluate and adjust existing helicopter routes
above Los Angeles, and make adjustments to such routes if the adjustments would
lessen impacts on residential areas and noise-sensitive landmarks; (2) analyze whether
helicopters could safely fly at higher altitudes in certain areas above Los Angeles
County; (3) develop and promote best practices for helicopter hovering and electronic
news gathering; (4) conduct outreach to helicopter pilots to inform them of voluntary
policies and to increase awareness of noise sensitive areas and events; (5) work with
local stakeholders to develop a more comprehensive noise complaint system; and (6)
continue to participate in collaborative engagement between community
representatives and helicopter operators: Provided, That not later than one year after
enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall begin a regulatory process related to the
impact of helicopter use on the quality of life and safety of the people of Los Angeles
County unless the Secretary can demonstrate significantd text.

(Enacted in January 17, 2014)