In collaboration meetings with the FAA and helicopter operators, LAAHNC has proposed many measures to reduce noise.  They include three major proposals in the following areas:

1)  A County-wide guideline that helicopter pilots should fly at least 2,000 feet above ground level, whenever possible, over residential and other noise sensitive areas, in accordance with FAA Advisory 91-36D;

2)  Helicopter routes along the coastline that would be at least one-half mile and one mile offshore; and

3)  A guideline whereby news helicopters would pool coverage of news events and limit hovering time.

We have been unable to reach agreements in these areas.

We are currently awaiting a report from the FAA, in response to the federal legislation directing the FAA to take steps to reduce helicopter noise in Los Angeles County.  As of March 11, 2015, the FAA advises us their report should be released soon.  When it is released we will make it available.